Deli Meats and Cheeses

Our Deli Meats and Cheeses are known for their freshness and low prices. We monitor the freshness of our products and try to order the best quality meats and cheeses from our vendors.

Meat & Cheese Trays

We offer a variety of options in Meat & Cheese Trays.

Sliced Deli Turkey


Beef – Roast WC
Bologna – Deli JFM
Bologna – Garlic WC
Bologna – Lebanon Kunzler
Bologna – Sweet Kunzler
Chicken Breast – Buffalo WC
Chicken Breast – Fried WC
Deli Loaf – Dutch WC
Deli Loaf – Olive JFM
Ham – All Natural Castlewood
Ham – Black Forest WC
Ham – Canadian Maple WC
Ham – Chopped Isaly`s
Ham – Off the Bone Honey WC
Ham – Virginia Smoked WC
Hard Salami – Stick WC
Pepperoni – Sandwich WC
Turkey Breast – Gold Roasted All Natural
Turkey Breast – Oven Roasted WC
Turkey Breast – Smoked WC


American РWhite Loaf WC
American – Yellow Loaf WC
Baby Swiss – Loaf GUGGI
Brick Cheese JFM
Cheddar – Mild Loaf WC
Cheddar – Sh. White Loaf WC
Cheddar – Smokey Loaf WC
Colby – Mini Horns WC
Farmers Cheese JFM
Garden Vegetable Yogurt Cheese JFM
Havarti (Butter) – Loaf WC
Horseradish – Smokey Loaf WC
Horseradish Cheese – Loaf WC
Hot Pepper Cheese – Loaf WC
Jalapeno & Habanero Cheddar JFM
Lacey Baby Swiss – Mini Horns WC
Lacey Swiss – Heidi Ann
Marble – Mini Horns WC
Mozzarella – Loaf WC
Muenster Cheese JFM
Chipotle Pepper Jack Cheese JFM
Pepperoni Cheese – Loaf WC
Provolone Cheese JFM
Swiss – Mild Cut WC
Swiss – Sharp Cut WC
Swiss – Smokey Loaf WC


Roasted Garlic Cheese
Cooper Sharp American Cheese
Monterey Jack Cheese

*These meats and cheeses may not be current